A cross curricular multimedia resource which highlights issues relating to health and personal development in young people. The multimedia DVD contains vignettes of films about the Red Pepper Gang written for 8 - 11's. The information contained on the disc links to a wide range of issues pertinent to young people of this age including the issues raised in the films . The material links to Learning Objectives of Key Stage 2 National Curriculum. The films are:

  • Being adventurous (Billy's Stories 2 x 7 mins)
    - about taking safe risk and unsafe risks.
  • Being healthy (Jamie's Stories 12 mins + 8 mins)
     - about exercise, food and balance in life.
  • Being yourself (Saff's Story 7 mins)
    - about fitting in, self esteem and peer pressure.
  • Being brave (Kaz's Story 6 mins)
    - coping with bereavement and facing fear.
  • Being new (Trish's Story 6 mins)
    - about moving school and making friends

Please note: The resource is built in the same format as "Invisible" with a navigation bar at the bottom of each screen giving quick links to an index and contents page. The sample pages in the "Invisible" section will give you some idea of the structure and flexibility of the resource.

If you are interested, please email to maureen@maureenschiller.co.uk
for more information, prices and order form.