Feedback about "Invisible" from Aylesbury High School

To whom it may concern

Maureen Schiller’s ‘Invisible’ is a comprehensive and authoritative resource for all secondary school teachers of PSHE and their pupils. 

The standard version is presented in a way which appeals to young people.  The actors in the video deal with issues which are pertinent to them and they speak their language.   Pupils are able to find their way easily around the web pages and the handouts and activities are thoughtful and informative.  The professional pack is a boon for hard-pressed teachers.  It can be used in many different ways, for example as a spiral curriculum in Key Stages 3 and 4 and for one-off lessons about specific topics. 

At Aylesbury High School a Year 8 tutor group trialled it in the summer term, 2005.  We wanted to focus specifically on self-esteem.  The tutor used the lesson plan and discussion topics on self- esteem to help her pupils to understand what self-esteem is and how a crisis of self-esteem might lead to an eating disorder.  The DVD was put onto our IT network and pupils worked in pairs to research different eating disorders.  They then presented their findings in a power-point presentation to a Buckinghamshire Healthy Schools conference for teachers and health professionals.  Their final frame stressed the importance of a balanced diet within a healthy lifestyle.

I have no hesitation in recommending this resource.  It provides a wealth of information which is hard to access elsewhere and is presented factually and non-judgementally.   In the light of current government initiatives for healthy eating, its availability could not be more timely.

Brenda C. Dean                                                                   05/10/05

PSHCE Coordinator / Healthy Schools Contact
High School
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