Literally ‘hunger of an ox’, a person with bulimia nervosa will binge to cope with uncomfortable feelings. When bingeing they feel out of control and guilty, so make themselves sick, take laxatives, starve or exercise in an attempt to get rid of the calories they have taken in as food. They have an intense fear of weight gain, although they are likely to maintain a ‘normal’ body weight. At first this seems like the answer to a problem - how to eat and  not gain weight, but ......taking laxatives does not help weight loss, as they mainly remove water and  waste from the lower bowel and may cause permanent damage. Also vomiting is not useful as it causes rebound fluid retention and other physical and psychological problems. People with bulimia nervosa get caught in a cycle which drives them to overeat and then get rid of the food. Use this link or the button below to see some of the symptoms of bulimia nervosa.