A very brief synopsis of the play

The two actors are discussing a play they are rehearsing......

Barry is 14 years old. His grandfather died last year and now he has had to move away from his friends to a new school as his father’s job has been relocated. He doesn’t talk about his feelings. He knows something is not right in himself and he’s not eating. Barry finds it difficult to talk openly and honestly, but eventually does talk to one of his teachers who gives him information about a helpline.

Sarah is 16 years old. She wants to be perfect, to have the “right” body. That has come to mean being thin -  like “Barbie”, like her ballet teacher…. She starts to think that everything is wrong in her life and it’s all because she’s too fat. People around her become concerned, but she thinks they are trying to make her fat with their well meaning comments. She can only listen to the voice in her head telling her to lose weight.  She goes to a disco and suddenly realises she has a problem and breaks down in floods of tears.

Barry turns to the audience and asks
 “How can I help her?”

Sarah then talks about the journey to recovery.