"INVISIBLE" Trial June 05


Invisible was trialled with 2 mixed ability groups of students as part of our Y 9 PSHE programme – Taking Responsibility & Preparing for the Future.

This module included work on Self Esteem, Sense of Worth & Relationships.

"Feeling good about yourself affects everyone"

The resource proved to be a thought-provoking tool, creating the opportunity to open several worthwhile meaningful discussions.

Using the video as a catalyst, students were able to explore a broad range of issues.

  • What it means to be healthy.
  • Gender and self image.
  • How to express feelings.
  • Self Esteem.
  • Dealing with emotions.
  • Assertiveness.
  • Taking Criticism.
  • Eating Disorders – how to avoid the traps.
  • How and where to seek confidential help, support and advice.

The Healthy Eating Quiz & Food for Thought Quiz provided opportunities to explore

  • Risks and consequences.
  • Clarifying understanding.
  • Dispelling Myths

Students responded well to the stimulus of this software & felt their brief encounter with the resource to be enlightening.

Staff found the resource to be well planned and easy to use. The multiple links throughout the pack were invaluable, easy to use and allowed both staff and students to clarify information and have their questions answered at the flick of a switch.

The ‘Invisible’ resource provides a comprehensive set of lesson plans and a wide range of well structured group work activities [Discussion points are indicated along with information links]

Heather Wood
PSCHE Coordinator/Healthy Schools Contact

Chesham Park Community College

A fully validated Buckinghamshire Healthy School