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Eating Disorders Support Group”

Hull & E.Yorks.




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29th September 2005

To Whom It May Concern

Re: “Invisible” by Maureen Schiller

I had the pleasure of meeting Maureen at an introductory workshop for ‘Invisible’.

Inductions cannot do full justice to this excellent resource. Maureen delivers her knowledge of eating disorders fully and comprehensively.  It is presented professionally with an easy to understand content.

The excellent graphics, flowing throughout the programme, will appeal to children and adults alike and navigation could not be simpler. 

Maureen has provided information in simple format and more comprehensive format and allows the user to link to closely related topics.

‘Invisible’ provides excellent information and worksheets for use within schools as part of the curriculum.  It provides easy to understand information for individuals who may sufferer from this devastating illness.  There are pages to help families and carers cope and live with an eating disorder, as well as valuable information that would benefit healthcare professional.

The video is excellent and comes in 4 parts.  The actors are young and vibrant and deliver a clear message that an eating disorder is about feelings not about food!  This part of the resource will appeal to all age groups.

I have bought a copy of the Professional Edition for use within education and healthcare establishment and I fully recommend ‘Invisible’ to anyone wanting to learn more about all aspects of eating disorders.  I cannot speak highly enough of this excellent resource.

Marg Oaten