Maureen Schiller

I am a counsellor, supervisor and trainer who is also an eating disorders practitioner. My involvement in the field of eating disorders dates back to 1977, when I was one of a small group of people who developed the Self-Help Network of Anorexic Aid - a charity which was later incorporated in a merger to become a major function in Eating Disorders Association (which is now called b-eat).

Over the following ten years of my involvement in the organisation, I was instrumental in:

    Developing the Self-Help Network, setting up and co-facilitating self-help groups in Middlesex, London and Herts, initiating the members' magazine, establishing the first National Helpline for support around eating disorders and developing workshops to raise awareness about eating disorders and the underlying issues for schools, youth and community, agencies, counsellors, health professionals, teachers and community groups.

After that my involvement changed as I focussed on improving local support  by establishing Chiltern Eating Disorders Helpline and Eating Disorders Support (formerly Chiltern/Thames Eating Disorders Association). Then yet again the focus of my work in the field of eating disorders altered..

I made a dream happen by developing some multimedia resources for young people - "Invisible" and "About being me" - in partnership with Raw Theatre (theatre in education). Using drama linked to activities, I was able to make a resource available for schools which linked PSHE issues about body image, self esteem, healthy eating and eating disorders with the National Curriculum.

As funding for schools reduced, such that the cost was simply beyond their already stretched budgets, I went on to develop a resource for therapists, by merging the information content about eating distress with new sections relating to aspects of counselling theory. This saw the emergence of  "From eating distress to disorder?". It is the content of this CD, which forms the foundation for workshops and courses I offer.

If you would like more information about these resources and courses, please do make contact by:

e-mail to maureen@ maureenschiller.co.uk
Phone: 01298 873182