Feedback about "Invisible" from
The National Centre For Eating Disorders

Dear Maureen,

In a field flooded with books and professional literature, it isn't often that something revolutionary comes along. "INVISIBLE", with its lively pictures, clever presentation and well acted movie will speak directly to young people with concerns about their weight and shape as well as to the people who might be able to help them

You have had the vision to create "INVISIBLE", all on your own, and the passion to put your ideas into a concrete form. There have been many dismal "movies" for young people about eating disorders, but this is fun as well as educative and will stimulate discussion and debate.

We wholeheartedly recommend "INVISIBLE"  to any one who works with young people, and we suspect that many adults will find the programme useful and informative as well.

We wish you luck in bringing your brainchild to a wider audience.

Yours sincerely,

Deanne Jade,
Principal, NCFED