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Anorexia nervosa (sample page - simple information)   
Author, Maureen Schiller  

Binge eating disorder (
sample page - simple information

Brief synopsis of the play "Invisible"  

Bulimia nervosa (
sample page - simple information )  

Classroom activities (
sample page comprehensive information - Professional Edition   
Consequences - long term of eating  disorders (
sample page comprehensive information)
Contact details  
Contents page -
including sample pages of simple information from "Invisible"
Contents page - i
ncluding sample pages of comprehensive information from "Invisible" 
Cost and content of "Invisible" the resource 
Eating disorders  (
sample page - simple information)

Eating disorders (
sample page - comprehensive information)
Feedback and evaluations received about "Invisible"  

Film "Invisible", brief synopsis of the play   
Introduction  to "Invisible"
Long term consequences of eating  disorders (
sample page comprehensive information
Maureen Schiller, the author  
Maureen Schiller Home Page     
Self esteem and eating disorders (sample page)